Launching the Wimbledon Art Studios Blog (Guest Blog Post by Yours Truly!)

I'm delighted to launch the new blogging effort of the wonderful Wimbledon Art Studios,one of the oldest, most established, and biggest studio complexes in London and all of Europe hosting about 150 artists across two buildings at any one time.  Leading up to the summer Open Studios event that Wimbledon Art Studios puts on during mid-May (May 12 - 15 2016), the good folks at Wimbledon Art Studios wanted to launch a blogging effort and that's where I come in.  Having taken up a studio there a few months ago (studio #406, Blue Building, second floor), I have relished my time in my new studio.  I love to blog and I love to share what I'm working on, my latest inspiration, and behing the scenes images and snippits of my daily life as a London based abstract artist.  I'm delighted to officially launch the new blog of the Wimbledon Art Studios.  I have included the intro below and you can read the full blog at .


"Blog written by abstract artist Vera Blagev

A new art studio – the decision

By Wimbledon Art Studio standards, I’m considered a bit of a newcomer.  Having taken on a studio in the blue building just over 2 months ago (studio 406 on the second floor), I’ve quickly realized that the artists in the Wimbledon Art Studios are serious and professional, many of who have been with the studios for multiple years.   Wimbledon Art Studios currently has nearly 150 studios across two buildings and is one of the oldest and most established art studios in the country and all of Europe.

For a long time, my art studio had been at home.  It had been a combination of working at the dining table, the couch or a spare bedroom.  It was good enough for years, but at some point this year, I decided it was time to get an external studio space.  It was on my birthday in late January when I first visited the studios and made the decision to take a studio the very next day.  And since then, it’s been a very busy, productive, and creative time.

With Wimbledon Art Studios’s own Open Studios event coming up in mid May, lots of us artists will be showcasing our latest artwork in our studios.  By the time that the public comes to visit us, most of us have cleaned and polished our studios so they look more presentable and so that our work can truly shine for all to see.  But until then (which is just a mere 2 weeks away!), the studios are a hive of activity with lots of artists finalizing work, putting finishing touches on artwork, getting framing done, and generally starting to think about how to best exhibit their artwork.  And with that, here is a peek behind the scenes of my studio and what I’m working on.

My studio – the moving in

When I first moved in, my studio was very much a white box.  I’m lucky to have some windows that let in lots of lovely natural light.  But beyond that, all the walls and floor were white – very useful as a starting point for me to put my own personal touch..." 

To read the full blog, see here

Wimbledon Art Studios - Studio 406, Blue Building - London Based Abstract Artist Vera Blagev


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