Pinterest for Business (Social Media) - Interesting facts about using Pinterest for small businesses!

Dear all, I read a really interesting article in this morning’s London Metro paper about Pinterest for business, that I wanted to share with you. As a small business owner, I’m constantly trying to improve my social media strategy and trying to better understand what platform is most useful for building traffic to my website, growing a community and ultimately selling my products. The Metro article is full of lots of facts and data that have made me glad that I’m on Pinterest but aware that I could be doing even more as a small business to promote myself on Pinterest. Within the world of social media, there are a few platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instragram and Google Plus, as well as many others). Each has its own audience – some of which overlaps with other social media platforms, but some of which is unique. And to further confuse things, each platform has its own advantages and interacts with its users in different ways. As a business it’s important to keep track of where to spend your precious resources (whether that’s your time or your money) and to focus your resources towards the platform (platforms?) which ultimately help you grow your business in the most cost effective way.

Some interesting facts that the Metro has pointed out using sources such as Pinterest, Piqora, Rich Relevance, Semiocast, Sephora:

1. Pins are 100 times more viral than a tweet (that one is especially interesting to me given the amount of discussion on viral tweets and viral videos to spread a message)

2. Pinterest makes up 25% of retail referral traffic (to me, that’s a huge figure considering that lots of people consider Pinterest an afterthought or a second tier to some other social platforms)

3. One in ten pins are text articles (a surprise to me for sure as I thought Pinterest was solely about great visuals – I didn’t fully appreciate that visuals could include text articles)

4. Pinterest shoppers spend more than twice as much as Facebook and Twitter shoppers (interesting stat especially for businesses whose products are of a certain price range)

5.Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than Twitter, YouTube and Google+ and is second only to Facebook (also a particularly interesting stat for those trying to grow traffic to their websites and trying to understand where their presence pays off the most)

Click here to read the full Metro article.

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