Living with the colour yellow in your home - read on to see my top tips for decorating your home with yellow!

Yesterday was the first day back to work after a lovely three-day holiday. In London, it was a particularly gray and rainy day. Today, the weather continues to be punishingly cold, rainy and gray….. This made me thing of the opposite of dark and gray colours – bright and cheerful colours and particularly THE most bright and cheerful colour – yellow. Yellow has long been my favourite colours – from the innocent childhood years to the slightly more edgy teenage years and well into my adult years, yellow has always made me happy. It reminds me of sunshine, warmth and is optimistic and happy. At least that’s what I think – it’s fascinating to me to find out that other cultures ascribe different significance to yellow from the colour of virtue and nobility in Asia. While in Europe and America, only 6% of people named yellow as their favourite colour while 7% said it was their least favourite colour.

But to me it’s not only yellow in isolation but how yellow illuminates other colour combinations as you can see from my Yellow Board on Pinterest.:

1. Vintage – yellow and brown (and sometimes orange) quickly take on a decidedly vintage feel

2. Contrast - yellow and blue – this is one of the classic combinations that work well (contrasting colours on the colour wheel theory) and a similar combination is yellow and purple which also works very well and complements and contrasts

3. Black – this can be a slightly tricky colour to work in with yellow as it can quickly become gaudy (gold and black), or take on a too familiar and children’s palate (think bumble bees), but when used sparingly, it can be very effective

4. Colour clash – Yellow is fabulous and cheerful when pared with pink and red. To my eyes, the trinity colours of red, pink and yellow look fantastic. Somehow, yellow brings together colours that traditionally are considered to clash (such as red and pink) and makes them work fantastically. Similarly, green and blue are generally considered to clash with each other. But yellow brings them together in a really festive and cheerful way and makes them work together in harmony.

5. Gray – to me, gray is like black but better – it is more subtle than black and as a result works better with black in many situations. It’s less dramatic but its nuance means that it escapes the kitsch and garish extremes that black can sometimes have…. Gray coupled with yellow is a fantastic combination.

Yellow and Black Original Acrylic Modern Contemporary Artwork Painting by London Based Artist Vera Blagev / Vera Vera On The Wall
Yellow and Black Original Acrylic Modern Contemporary Artwork Painting by London Based Artist Vera Blagev / Vera Vera On The Wall

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