Vintage Life Magazine - Vintage Book Artwork for Book and Music Lovers!

Have you seen the December 2014 issue of Vintage Life Magazine yet? My vintage book artworks are featured there along with an interesting debate on the merits of turning old books into works of art.

Unique stylish monochrome art nouveau artwork on vintage music sheet paper with nature and flowers / floral theme



Having lived in East London for almost five years (and now South London but who’s counting…), I have fallen in love with all things vintage. The style, the elegance, the fluidity of the designs and of course old books… I love the look and feel of old books. Their history (both what's written on their pages and whose hands they've been in), is really interesting. I love scouring local shops and trader stalls to find music sheet books that might be past their best but look oh so lovely! Rather than leaving them unloved in a dark corner or a lonely bookshop, I use them to create new original pieces of art using black acrylic paint. These one of a kind artworks are dramatic and combine the flowing shape of a stylised flower with the graphic look of music notes. The vintage books are all unique and different - some have words on them and some don't. The combination of the modern sleek black flowers and the timeless beauty of the vintage books creates a unique piece.

I am constantly working on new designs and currently I have created ten flower designs in total – well nine flower ones and one design of wheat (people tell me that’s the more masculine beer drinking design). The vintage book artworks are lovely on their own with a sleek black frame and are especially effective when presented in multiples (two, three, four). Each original hand-made artworks is on vintage music sheets that are all classical music featuring great composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Strauss, Haydn, and others. And each one is entirely hand made by me – from creating the original flower drawings to making the stencils based on those drawings to actually using the acrylic paint – I make each one by hand – a real labour of love (no printing involved in any stage of the process!). Each design is available in a limited edition of 200 signed and dated on the front. Given the handmade nature of these artworks and the individual pages of the pre-loved old books, each work is a one-of a kind piece with slightly different sizes (usually slightly larger than an A4 size paper / slightly smaller than A3 size paper). They are all mounted on archival off-white mounts sized 30 cm x 40 cm.

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