It's been a busy few months - behind the scenes and what I've been up to the past few months

It's been a busy behind the scenes 6 months at Vera Vera On The Wall HQ, with moving house, exhibiting at new art fairs / markets. 2015 started with my husband and I moving house from SE London to Southwest London. While that might sound like a minor move, it had all the usual stresses and logistics of moving. The upside is that I now have my own studio space, which is incredibly exciting. Although, I still tend to use my much loved dining table as a space to create.  I've also sold a few paintings of my newest series (the On the Plain landscapes and my Polypetalous floral series). 

One of my moody blue landscape paintings (On The Plain - 8) was featured as the Art of the Day for Tuesday June 16 by ArtfinderIf you haven't heard of Artfinder before, it's one of the fastest growing and most professional online global art galleries. Headquartered in London, Artfinder shows the artwork of more than 5,000 artists around the world and of those, the team at Artfinder chose one of my moody blue landscape paintings to feature as its Art of the Day for Tuesday June 16.


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