Vacation Inspiration - my trip to Southern Italy on Pinterest

My husband and I took a long weekend trip recently to Southern Italy.  We were inspired by the TV show Italy Unpacked where a well-known art historian and chef travel around the lesser known parts of Italy.  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it, however fair warning you might have the unstoppable desire to immediately book a holiday to Italy.  And so we set off to find the bit of Italy that was a bit less touristy and perhaps a bit more real.  We went through Bari, Monopoli - yes, a real town:-) and ended up in Matera - a wonderful and amazing place.  That part of Italy has stunning blue water and amazing flowers.  From hanging baskets to wild figs and wild fennel growing everywhere, to century old olive trees and gorgeously scented lemon and orange trees, the plants of that region are amazing.  And then there is the blue - the blue waters, blue sky, never-ending blue... I've uploaded a few of the particularly beautiful photos showing Italy's flowers, coastal areas, and lemon groves on Pinterest and here is a little peak below.


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