Featured as "Feature Business of the Week" by Colourful Radio (London)

I am delighted to be featured as "Feature Business of the Week" by Colourful Radio (London) during their weekly morning business program.  The live broadcast will go out at 9:45 am London time on Thursday July 23 when I will be speaking with Ms. Loanna Morrison and Mr. Rob Hayward about my start-up journey with my business, Vera Vera On The Wall Limited.  I'll be sharing the reasons I started my business, the challenges I face as a small business entrepreneur and where I'm looking to go in the future.  To catch the podcast (including the embarrasing technical issues with my phone...), you can check out the podcast here - click on the third business broadcast for July 23rd (as they're split into hours chunks starting from 7:00 am) and skip to 45:00 minutes into the broadcast.  Enjoy!

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