Feeling sad this Blue Monday? Read on for some suggestions to lift your spirits!

According to research, today is the saddest day of the year. #BlueMonday is the day when all the festivities of Christmas and New Year holidays are finally done, all the trees are taken down, we’ve gone back to work, and spring and summer holidays seem oh so far away! So what can you do? Particularly if you had a big blow out 2015 and you’re feeling a bit budget constrained, this time of year can feel even more difficult and sad.

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So what can you do to cheer up today?

  1. Stare at some art. Research shows that looking at artworks, seeing beauty and feeling the sense of awe all contribute to a positive sense of wellbeing and happiness. If you’re in London, you’re lucky as we have so many totally free places to choose from, including the National Gallery, the British Museum, the V&A, the Saatchi Gallery and others.


  1. Go for yellow! If you’re in Britain, you’re in luck. Britain has a long history of growing daffodils and this time of year they are cheap and plentiful. Available at most supermarkets, local shops, and flower shops, daffodils can be as cheap as £1 for ten and are a cost effective way to introducing the colour of happiness and sunshine in your home. Whether you go for cut daffodils or bulbs that you can happily have around your house in planters for a few week, sunny happy daffodils are a strong symbol of spring!


  1. Get cozy – winter can be a long, cold, dark and unforgiving season. But it can also be a time to rest, recuperate and do some R&R. Why not use the chance to catch up on your reading list, see some uplifting movies, listen to some music, or even take a bath. It’s all about being in the moment and doing something that completely engrosses you and takes up your whole attention – almost like a mindfulness exercise!


  1. And if all else fails, scour the web for vacation ideas! Spring and Summer holidays will come up just around the corner and most people enjoy researching and picking a vacation almost as much as actually going on that vacation!

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