Dispatches from the Art Studio - Create. Live. Love. Fine Art Without the Fuss!

I've just sent out one of my dispatches from the art studio emails with exclusive content, behind the scenes info, and inspirational images and ideas.  Curious?  Why not check it out here! And if you want to make sure you don't miss any future dispatches, you can sign up at my website (bottom of the page).  With my dispatches from the art studio, I aim to share three things:

1.  Create - What I create, how I create it, any new creations, what am I working on now, what challenges am I facing?

2.  Live - What is life in the art studio - behind the scenes images and content of my life in Southfields London. And any interesting and useful information that has caught my eye that might be useful or interesting for you as well.

3.  Love.  What do I love?  What inspires me?  Where do I get inspiration for my next paintings?  What am I really in love with right now? From images and blogs about nature, London, my travels abroad, other artists, and more.

Dispatches from the Art Studio - Create. Live. Love.  The life and work of London contemporary artist Vera Blagev.

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