An Artist's Take On The Top Five Home Interior Trends For This Season

Spring is a classic time of year to rethink, reorganize, and redecorate. It’s natural that coming out of our hibernation winter months, we look to freshen things up with ourselves, our lives, and notably our homes.   Even though I am primarily an artist, I also love all things creative. Redecorating one’s home and filling it with beautiful furniture, artwork, and accessories is one of my favourite activities. As someone who keeps up to date on various home interior trends and who also has developed a keen eye for creative individual home style (if I may say so myself…), I have compiled my five home interior trends to inspire you.


  1. Metal - the love for all things metallic is set to continue. Copper still leads the way as the cool king, but silver, brass, gold, bronze are not too far behind. Metallic ingredients are excellent as accents to furniture and home accessories (lamps, vases, and others) and can really add a warmth and a modern element to any home. As the silver colour (including stainless steel, aluminium / aluminium) is the coolest of the metallic, my suggestion is to use it sparingly and keep it for areas of the home like the kitchen. If you’re going for an ultra-modern almost minimal look, silver can look great as a light accent that doesn’t add too much colour. But for most homes, particularly if you have stainless steel appliances already, adding other warmer metallic such as copper, brass, bronze or gold would be the way to go.


  1. Wood - Wood has been a strong home trend, particularly the past few years. However, it is evolving towards more natural. In the era when lots of wood furniture gets upcycled and repainting with chalk paint, the trend for showing wood that is in a raw state is strong. The more organic, beaten up and raw the wood looks the better. Wood that looks like wood.   Wood that hasn’t had its character sanded, retextured, distressed, or repainted out of it. That means, you should look for more wood where the grain is still showing. It’s all about the texture of the natural wood and showcasing wood in more unusual shapes. More raw finishes (think wax rather than glossy varnish) and leaving some natural elements in the wood itself (keeping the bark on, for example).


  1. Live Plants - Keeping on the natural trend, plants are ever increasing in focus. The trend for decorating your home with plant inspired textiles, artwork, or vintage botanical prints has been around for a while. And the trend to decorating your home with actual live plants is thankfully going strong as well. Compared to other countries (particularly Continental European countries), the UK and the USA do not decorate indoors with plants as much. Perhaps it’s because the full focus of our plant loving efforts go towards tending the outside garden or mowing the lawn. Or perhaps it’s because of the fear of a lack of suitable plants for all those pesky dark places. Either way, as we are learning more about what plants like (and importantly can tolerate) difficult conditions, and as more exotic species are coming in, adding houseplants (be it hardy succulents, classic windowsill sun loving pelargoniums, or ferns), plants are an excellent way to freshen up your home. I personally am a massive fan of the humble houseplant (having more than 15 different varieties at home) and I have been intrigued to learn (from others and from personal experience) that many plants which are not normally considered houseplants can actually do just fine indoors. Watch this space for a blog post specifically about my top 10 houseplant recommendations.


  1. Colour – look for colour to be more personal and diverse. For the first time ever, Pantone (one of the key agencies that does colour predicting and trending every year) has declared not one but two colours as the colours of the year for 2016 – Rose Quartz (pale pink) and Serenity (pale blue). Yet, as both colours are quite light and pale, they do not appeal to everybody as they can feel a bit too washed and lacking any real strength. Further, the softness of these colours can make them difficult to style with some of the other trends currently going on which are all about warmth, richness of colour and texture. So look for colour choices and trends to be more personal giving you freedom to be brave. Of course there is the ever strong off-white, but even in this category, you can choose some more interesting colours – greige (grey and beige), parchment, grey, mink. Or be bold and go for darker colours (my personal favourite) – think slate grey, smoky charcoal, blue ink, deep indigo, rich plum, opulent aubergine. Or if you want to pay homage to this year’s colours of the years but want more depth and saturation, shades of teal or mint can be a particularly effective for walls (both of which incidentally look great with wood, copper, and with blush rose quartz pink).


  1. Storage and Display - One of the issues that home owners struggle with constantly (and I am no different) is storage. After all, how beautiful can your house look if it’s cluttered. Clever and beautiful storage and display solutions will continue to be king, especially for those of us living in smaller spaces. For storage, it’s wise to think about two separate storage categories – first is the beautifully curated collections and accessories storage (open shelving, open bookcases, ledges upon which to hang or showcase objects) – this is when you really showcase rather than just store the collections and objects that you love. Second, there is the other catch-all storage which is less pretty but more useful and needed – for that, it pays to think about shutting things in while keeping them accessible. Behind additional closed cupboards, side tables, foot stools, ottomans, or trunks with built in storage. The key here is that the trend towards minimal look that was strong for quite a few years is giving way towards a trend for a lived in home. Of course, some will always prefer the minimal look and that’s fine. But for many (me included), the home style that most speaks to us is a home that has a story and a life. A home that showcases the past history, adventures, and interests, artwork, and collections of its owners.

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