New London Professional Artist Meetup - Interested?

I've started a Meetup for Professional Artists based in and around London. The aim of the meetup will be to network with each other, share ideas, learn from each other's experiences and generally connect with other professional artists. You don't have to be a fulltime artist to be a professional artist. But you do have to be serious about creating, exhibiting, and selling your artwork.  This group is aimed at those working in the visual arts space, but other creatives are more than welcome to join.

My goal for this group is to appeal to artists who are serious about creating and selling artwork and moving their art career forward. I aim to have monthly (or possibly more frequently as schedules allow) meetups in various venues around London. If that sounds of interest to you, please join me at

*UPDATE* This new network now has four new social media accounts - connect with us, engage with us, and join us!



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