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There is a famous quote “life is a journey, not a destination” attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson. These words have always spoken to me. No more so than when I moved to London nearly 10 years ago in search of adventure. I had no expectations of what my life in London would be like. While I came to London with a job in a bank (my day job), I truthfully had no set notions of what London would be for me – a short stint, a temporary adventure, or a life-long love affair. I just didn’t know and I couldn’t predict how things were going to turn out. And I still can’t. But in reality, those ten years have been a transformative adventure that has enabled me to be more myself than at any other point in my life.


In these 10 years, I’ve found love and married my soulmate (something I never thought existed), I’ve indulged my curiosity and travelled to multiple countries, and I’ve changed day jobs and ultimately left my safe day job last year to pursue my dream of being a full time artist. And as of a few short months ago, this adventure has lead my husband and I to move to Surrey… for now, until we figure out the next step in our journey. It hasn’t been all flowers and smiles. There has been plenty of disappointment, heartbreak and tears along the way. But what I think about most when I think about my life the past few years, is how completely and totally unpredictable it was. And still is…  


I believe that there are moments in life, when you are very sure of which way you are going, and despite that self-assurance, you find yourself lost. Alternatively, there are moments, when you are not sure which direction you are headed, living each day fully and not focusing on tomorrow, and you surprise yourself when you find that you discover a clear direction.  


It is this focus on the journey and finding my own direction that was the inspiration of a series of paintings I completed right before we moved out of London and into Surrey a couple of months ago. With these paintings, I really wanted to lean into the exploration of direction and paths. And each one of us finding our own way in the maze of possibilities and stumbling blocks.   This brand new series entitled “Journey” is inspired by the twists and turns that our lives take and the many times we find our way. And the numerous times we lose our way, only to find it again.


Loaded with multiple layers of paint using different tools (from the traditional paintbrush, to palate and painting knives, and even my hands), these paintings have a multidimensional effect that capture the eye. I’ve painted square shapes that sometimes look like cobble stones of a path but also look like stumbling blocks. And if you look closely, you can see multiple routes going through the painting. Each route is very clear on one end and disappears at the other end. And that is life – sometimes you are very certain that what you’re doing is exactly what you want, only to then wonder what direction you are going and what you really want. And other times in life when you live in the now, not making plans for the future and are exploring and travelling without any particular direction or aim, only to find that clear direction and passion along the way. Such is life.


Painting Description:

I have created the paintings using various mixed media including acrylic paint on canvas. They are all of a substantial size – 122 cm x 152 cm (48 inches x 60 inches). As I wanted to keep them purely abstract, they can be displayed vertically or horizontally (I sign them on the bottom right once they have been purchased and once the client decides how to display them). They are colourful, oversize and deeply personal. As they are acrylic on canvas, they do not need any additional framing or glazing and are ready to hang as is.


While I’m still in this transitional time having moved out of my art studio in Wimbledon Art Studios (where I was for nearly 3 years), and before I find a new studio in Surrey, I am selling them at super affordable direct studio prices of just £995 (normal gallery price would be more than £2,000). They are available for pickup from Dorking, Surrey, or alternatively, can be shipped for a fee.

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