London - the Green, the Blue, and the Transport - Guest Blog Post on Wimbledon Art Studios Blog

I'm delighted to have a guest blog post up on the blog of Wimbledon Art Studios,one of the oldest, most established, and biggest studio complexes in London and all of Europe hosting about 150 artists across two buildings at any one time.  I love to blog and I love to share what I'm working on, my latest inspiration, and behing the scenes images and snippits of my daily life as a London based abstract artist. 

I have included the intro below and you can read the full blog here.

Vera Blagev London Abstract Artist - Original Mixed Media Artwork inspired by London

Guest Blog on Wimbledon Art Studios

I’m delighted to be taking part in a fantastic art project at Wimbledon Art Studios.  As part of the next Open Studios show on November 10 – 13, 50 artists of Wimbledon Art Studios (including yours truly) have donated an original artwork to create a concertina artist book that will be auctioned off to raise funds for promoting the show.  The theme of the artist book was set as London.

While for some artists, creating artwork inspired by London might seem like an easy task, for me it was quite a difficult idea to inspire me.  While I have lived in London for more than eight years now, the dominant inspiration for my artwork is nature.  Mainly in the form of landscapes, seascapes, and flowers.  I am strongly influenced by the awe-inspiring nature I have been lucky enough to witness during my hikes, walks and travels throughout more than 50 countries, including the UK.

And yet, here was the challenge – create an artwork that is influenced by London.  London, which is a big bustling city with a population that wavers around the 8 – 10 million people mark.  London that can often feel very crowded and congested full of buildings, roads, and people.  London, that with all its history, energy, and vibrancy is at the end of the day a big city.   It’s been my home for nearly 10 years, it is the place where I met my husband, and the city where I’ve grown and developed as an artist and as a person.  And that got me thinking…  What could I create that would be an artwork that is still my style, still speaks to my love of nature, and is inspired by a city that on the surface seems to be at odds with what inspires my artwork the most....

Read the full blog at Wimbledon Art Studio's blog.  


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