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Custom Painting Flying Across the Pond - Behind the Scenes Sneak Peak at a Custom Artwork Commission

This little lovely is officially making its way across the pond to a wonderful collector in the USA. It is a bespoke special custom painting that really pushed me out of my comfort zone combining several styles and media, complete with the challenge of a very particular size and shape. But we got there in the end and I'm absolutely thrilled with the results! I hope the collector is too! Expect a behind the scenes case study of this special comission up on Facebook and my website soon.        

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Living with the colour yellow in your home - read on to see my top tips for decorating your home with yellow!

Yesterday was the first day back to work after a lovely three-day holiday. In London, it was a particularly gray and rainy day. Today, the weather continues to be punishingly cold, rainy and gray….. This made me thing of the opposite of dark and gray colours – bright and cheerful colours and particularly THE most bright and cheerful colour – yellow. Yellow has long been my favourite colours – from the innocent childhood years to the slightly more edgy teenage years and well into my adult years, yellow has always made me happy. It reminds me of sunshine, warmth and is optimistic and happy. At least that’s what I think – it’s fascinating to me to find out that other...

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