Shop by Size - Medium

If you prefer to shop by size, you can do so here. This section shows all of my medium artworks - on paper, canvas, and wood panel.  These artworks are all original and are a size that is perfect for decorating in smaller spaces (flats / apartments) and work well alongside other existing art collections.  They are large enough to make a statement, and small enough to be presented in twos or threes for a real statement wall.  They are also an affordable and an excellent way to start or extend your art collection.  They are all larger than an A3 size (30 cm x 42 cm or 12 inches x 17 inches), but smaller than an A1 size (60 cm x 84 cm or 23 inches x 33 inches).  Most are an A2 size (42 cm x 60 cm or 17 inches x 23 inches), 56 cm x 76 cm or similar.