Twelve Days Of Art Lover's Christmas - Day 6 - Original Abstract Ink Study Protective Eye Artworks

Original Abstract Ink Study Protective Eye Artworks


For Day 6 of my 12 Days of an Art Lover's Christmas, I present my ink studies focusing on the protective eye.  Inspired by the myth and legend of many cultures, to use the symbol of the eye as a protective amulet to protect against the "evil eye", I created these mixed media artworks a few years ago when I first started using inks - calligraphy ink and liquid acrylic ink. At the time I made these artworks, I had been travelling quite a bit and "seeing the world" was one of my main goals.  As part of this explorative travelling phase, I was particularly drawn to the legend of the protective eye both because of the symbolic protection it offers, and because of the eye being the way that you see the world.


With these artworks, or ink studies, I really wanted to master the flow of the inks.  The differences between how the calligraphy ink and the liquid acrylic ink react with water and with the watercolour paper.  I wanted to learn how the two inks react with each other and how to best use them to complement each other in my artworks.


My ink studies are purely abstract, can be displayed vertically or horizontally, and size A2 (59 cm x 42 cm) - they work particularly well in a standard 50 cm x 70 cm frame, and are particularly striking presented in multiples.  They are only £49.95 each.  

My 12 Days of an Art Lover's Christmas

Whether you're loving all the Black Friday deals, excited about Cyber Monday, or choosing to opt out, it's hard to forget that Christmas is just one month away.  Whether you're looking for a gift for a friend, or a family member, why not chose the thoughtful gift of art?

This year, I'm helping you find the perfect artful gift by launching the Twelve Days of an Art Lover's Christmas.  Each day over the next twelve days, I'll launch a new collection online focusing on my most giftable artworks.  All artworks are priced under £100, with most being well under £50 and are a selection of prints and small artworks that I have created.  Some artworks are brand new and have never been shown before, others are studies direct from my art studio that have never been seen before.  To keep the prices as budget friendly as possible, these prints are available exclusively through my website.  Join me as I share with you some never seen before artworks perfect for the Christmas gifting season!

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