I’m delighted to say that after years of being asked if I do workshops, I will start offering workshops over the next couple of months in Dorking, Surrey.  Six dates for my workshops have now been released including three classes.  To get £10 off your ticket, book by the end of September for October classes, and by October 15, for November classes.  See the product description for each class for full info, including details on what you will learn, venue and time details, and your code to get your special discount! 

Art Workshops in Dorking Surrey - Abstract Art, Mixed Media Art, Screenprinting

1. Intro to abstract art – learn several key techniques used by abstract artists (from Jackson Pollock, to Yayoi Kusama, Gerard Richter, and Mark Rothko) and create your own original abstract artwork

2. Creative printmaking – learn a few different techniques to create your own unique print – this is more than just another screen-printing workshop, this is a workshop to help you learn some creative ways of printing including exploring monoprinting, linocuts, stamping, reverse printing and creating texture in your prints through a technique used by Andy Warhol

3. Intro to mixed media art – learn several techniques of how to incorporate different media into an artwork, from using different tools and paint media, to using paper and even incorporating textiles and natural elements. Inspirations include Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Chris Ofili, and Edgar Degas.