Artist Statement

Vera Blagev London based Abstract Artist

My artwork is inspired by the dramatic landscapes I have encountered during my travels to more than 50 countries. The subject matter of my artwork varies from landscapes, to florals, seascapes, and purely abstract compositions.  The common thread that unites my artwork is the strong use of colour and texture, inspiration from nature, and the sense of energy and movement.

I paint from memory.  My paintings are not meant to be an accurate representation of a specific place, but rather a visual representation of a mood.  I remove the distractions of the small details of the specific landscape or flower and distil the whole visual and emotional experience into its fundamental component lines and shapes - into one single image that captures the essence of the atmosphere.

I love nature and its ability to renew, heal, and inspire us.  I find endless inspiration in the variety of movement, colours and textures of nature.  I am fascinated by the duality of nature – water can be serene yet turbulent.  A landscape can be bare yet full of life.  A flower can have a simple structure yet be boldly saturated with colour.  My artwork is also influenced by nature’s drive for constant change, continuous movement, and circular seasonality.  Rivers flow, seasons pass, flowers bloom and create seeds.  A strong sense of impermanence, continual change, and circular patterns (both literally and figuratively) are all characteristics of the natural world that particularly inform my paintings.  Nature has so much dynamic movement within it and it is this sense of energy and constant renewal that I seek to capture in my artwork. 

To create a sense of movement in my work, I predominantly use water based media – inks that fundamentally need water to thrive – just like nature. I combine two water based media representing tradition and modernity – calligraphy ink and liquid acrylic ink.  Traditional calligraphy ink has been used for thousands of years predominantly in Asia, while liquid acrylic ink is a relatively new medium. Using these two different water-based media with my own techniques, I create movement and energy in my artworks - a sense of continual motion of water and colour in my paintings creating further texture and depth in my work.